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Configure the dialer speed to your specifications to dial multiple channels in the background.

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All-in-one built-in CRM, with no downloads or integrations required, to manage leads and customers.

Built-In CRM

Monitor all agents in real time from one screen, with the ability to listen, whisper or barge in on a call.

Live Floor Monitoring

Automatically post leads into AllInDialer from third-party vendors or your lead-generation website.

Third-Party Lead Posting

Create IVRs with configurations based on dynamic rules, including time of day and caller options.

Customizable IVR

Detailed reporting metrics, stats and analytics for agents, calls, campaigns and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Own and display phone numbers with area codes closest in proximity to all the leads you dial.

Caller-ID Proximity Matching

Target leads using a custom criteria that can include lead data, lead status and more.

Lead Targeting

Call anytime to anywhere without landlines or cellphones, with no extra fees or downloads required.

Built-In VoIP & Webphone

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The app-oriented infrastructure of All In Dialer makes the solution customizable towards your business and industry.

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- Paul Rice, Marketing Manager at Hoffman Refrigeration


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